The Challenge:  Lack of Trust and Ineffective Leadership Style

The Story: A team at a biotechnology company was having trust issues with the VP of Sales and Marketing. He was perceived as being “too slick” and “only out for himself.”  He was largely unaware of how people perceived him. He thought he was on the path for promotion. Jan set up a leadership development package that included individual and team assessment, and a laser 360-degree feedback process for the VP with development coaching. Jan took the team on a retreat to build a climate of trust that would foster innovation.

The Results: Trust increased as coaching with Jan proceeded and the VP’s communication style improved. His team members reported positive results in his behavior, began functioning more as a team, and were able to think more innovatively about the way they did business.

Jan created a safe process for the expression of sensitive personal and political issues that dramatically enhanced mutual trust and productivity.”

- Vice President, Bio Technology Company

The Challenge: Preparing a Leader for an Expanded Role

The Story: The CEO asked his executive director (ED) to take on a greater leadership role with more time for political advocacy. Jan coached and helped the ED look at her leadership with a role montage. The ED learned to accept her new role, including restructuring her job, and not having all staff report to her. She hired an associate director.

The Results: With coaching and looking at her role montage, the ED developed more successful leadership capabilities. She fulfilled the CEO’s request to build better political connections that resulted in more funding for the organization.

I have learned so much and have watched my team grow in their self awareness and in their supervisory roles.”

- Executive Director, Nonprofit Organization

The Challenge: Filling a Leadership Vacuum by Reorganization and Coaching

The Story: Experienced senior-level managers were assigned to other divisions or had left a global, high-technology, customer service organization. Jan coached the director, and he was able to place lower-ranked internal contributors as leaders for the next level. Jan facilitated a retreat for the new leadership team. She consulted with the team members on change management and leadership capabilities.

The Results: The customer service division was able to quickly attain a higher level of service with a stronger leadership team focused on results and collaboration without losing customers.

I quickly gained absolute confidence in Jan’s expertise when she helped me rapidly become more effective with my new staff after a major reorganization. “

- Vice President, High Technology Company

The ChallengeStrengthening a New Team

The Story: The organization’s Global Operations division was reorganized, incorporating some new members from other teams and promoting a few staff members to management positions. The team struggled with conflicting goals and priorities. This impeded the team’s ability to effectively and rapidly serve its customers. Jan designed and facilitated an offsite meeting for the team, which included the use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality inventory. She coached the director to take an active leadership role and to give specific feedback to her team.

The ResultsThe team developed action plans for each team member to increase their customer service capabilities and they found more effective ways to measure their results with customers. The team members developed an appreciation and an increased understanding of one another’s styles and guiding principles. 

I called on her to bond a new team of diverse contributors with an urgent mission, and all of us were astonished at the extraordinary depth of commitment and contribution we unlocked.”

- Colleen Cayes
Senior Director of Global Operations, TCG,
Applied Materials