Courage and Risk taking continued

Does the risk-taking come first or the courage to act?We took a leap of faith to do our first-ever home exchange. We met the guys from Paris the night before we left for their apartment. We're enjoying their recommendations. We've been on a trip to Normandy. Our first stop was Rouen where Joan d'Arc was burned at the stake in 1431. She was also forgiven 25 years later and restored by the church. Now she's the symbol of courage and justice in France. She believed in her visions, took risks and convinced the king to let her take a garrison to Orleans to free the city. Joan d'Arc is now a symbol of feminism, a woman who has completely transformed from witch to savior. The message is clear. We can transform and restoration can take place. Leaders must believe in their ability to make lasting change and to bring their followers with them.

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